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Village of Sant'Angelo

Modern hotels, luxurious yachts, boutiques with exclusive designer labels, refined jewelers, art studios, artisan products including the famous ceramics, the excellent gastronomy, the natural and picturesque scenery. The well-equipped thermal parks, beaches, events and recreational activities. The chance to meet famous people walking by, romantic nights in the moonlight, are some of the ingredients that make Sant’Angelo a renowned, exclusive and sought after international tourist destination.


Sant'Angelo d’Ischia has a rich and interesting past due to the succession of colonizations. Sant'Angelo interested all the colonizers for its rich thermal water springs and fertile land suitable for all kinds of crops. Sant'Angelo, an island in the island Ischia, is an ancient fishermen and sailors’village.


Sant'Angelo d’Ischia was one the main points of reference in Italy for intellectual and artistic emigration, a place where the freedom, tolerance and hospitality of the friendly inhabitants, eased the discomfort and sadness of these guests. The best known was the painter Werner Gilles,however there were lots of artists who decided to spend part of their life in this oasis of inspiration: Rudolf Levy, Bargheer, Purmann, Fleschmann, Pablo Neruda, George Barkeley, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Getrude Helmhonlz, Lothar Diez, Mahringer Anton, Werner Heldt and, Ulrich Neujahr.


The Greeks considered our hot springs one of the treasures of the Ischia island. They extolled the therapeutic goodness of the water. For years, the thermal spas have been the main attraction for tourists. Currently, nearly all hotels have their own thermal baths.


Sant'Angelo d'Ischia is an ideal starting point for many excursions you can take all over the island, such as the beautiful Sorgeto bay, with natural pools of hot thermal water, and where it’s possible to swim even in winter time! The famous Fumarole beach from where you can cook eggs and chicken underneath its hot sands.


In summer Sant'Angelo features lots of events with all kinds of performances from animation, outdoor cinema, shows and soccer tournaments for children, and also bigger events, such as music concerts, cabaret, dancing, festivals with local food fairs.

Every year on September 29th and 30thSant'Angelo honors its patron saint, St. Michael. There are two days dedicated to civil and religious celebrations and the village reaches its full splendor. The procession on the sea is accompanied with all kinds of boats. Small lanterns and torches light the reef and coast. In the evenings there concerts with great musicians and firework displays; a special event you can’t miss.

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