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Feast of the patron saint: Archangel Michael

Every year on 29thand 30th September, in our picturesque village, Sant'Angelo, is celebrated the festival of the patron saint: Archangel Michael.

The festivities begin with a triduum fireworks. On 29th in the morning a band sings along the streets followed by the celebration of Holy Mass and at noon the statue of the saint is carried in procession along the all village to the small square in the centre.

The statue remains in the square for the veneration of the faithful. On the 30th, in the afternoon, a new procession takes place on the sea. People get on board big and small boats in the fishing harbour and go along the coastline Punta Chiarito first, then Maronti beach and back to Sant’Angelo harbor.

Here a small torchlight procession walks to the square. The celebration of a Holy Solemn Mass is celebrated by a Bishop.

At the end of the Mass the return to the Archangel Michael statue will be brought to the church with torches.

In the evening, at 10 p.m. the square is displays a show of classical and Neapolitan music.

At midnight a fireworks display lights all the village and bay.




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